Insurance Claim for Rain-Damaged Vehicles in the UAE: What Motorists Need to Know
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Insurance Claim for Rain-Damaged Vehicles in the UAE: What Motorists Need to Know

April 20,2024
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Explore key factors affecting insurance claims for rain-damaged vehicles in the UAE. Learn tips to avoid claim rejection and ensure adequate coverage.

  • Insurance Claim Rejection Factors: Common reasons include damaged wipers, submerged areas, and intentional driving in floods.
  • Coverage Considerations: Comprehensive plans offer better protection than third-party insurance.
  • Tips for Motorists: Reading policies carefully, considering additional coverage, and prompt action can prevent claim rejections.


In the UAE, heavy rains often lead to increased car insurance claims for vehicle damages. However, many motorists find their car insurance claims rejected due to various reasons. Understanding these factors can help UAE car insurance owners navigate insurance claims effectively.

Common Reasons for Claim Rejection

Several factors can lead to the rejection of car insurance claims for rain-damaged vehicles in the UAE:

  1. Damaged Wipers: Using damaged wipers during heavy rains is a common mistake that can result in claim rejection.
  2. Submerged Areas: Parking or driving in waterlogged or submerged areas can lead to engine damage, resulting in claim denial.
  3. Intentional Driving in Floods: Insurance companies may reject claims if motorists intentionally drive on flooded roads during rainstorms.

Coverage Considerations

  • Third-Party vs. Comprehensive Car Insurance: While third-party car insurance in UAE (TPL) fulfills the basic legal requirements in the UAE, it offers minimal coverage. Comprehensive car insurance plans, on the other hand, provide extensive protection against damages caused by natural disasters like rain or flooding. It's crucial for motorists to review their car insurance dubai policy details to ensure adequate coverage.
  • Pre-Existing Issues: Claims may be rejected if the UAE car insurance company determines that the damage existed before the rain event. Regular car maintenance is essential to prevent such issues.

Tips to Avoid Claim Rejection

To prevent claim rejection due to rain damage, consider the following tips:

  • Read Policy Carefully: Review your car insurance in UAE policy's terms and exclusions, especially those related to natural disasters or flood damage.
  • Consider Additional Coverage: Discuss optional add-ons for natural calamities with your car insurance dubai provider to ensure comprehensive protection.
  • Act Promptly: Report any rain damage to your UAE car insurance provider immediately and document the damage with photos.
  • Be Honest: Provide accurate information during the car insurance claim process to avoid rejection due to misrepresentation.
  • Prioritize Car Maintenance: Regular maintenance helps prevent water damage and ensures your vehicle is in optimal condition.

Insights from Industry Experts

Moin ur Rehman, executive director of Unitrust Insurance Broker, emphasizes the importance of understanding car insurance dubai terms and conditions. He advises motorists to avoid parking in waterlogged areas or driving intentionally on flooded roads to prevent claim rejection.

Avinash Babur, CEO of, highlights the misconception that third-party liability (TPL) cover is sufficient for all situations. He recommends opting for comprehensive UAE car insurance plans that include roadside assistance and protection against natural calamities.


As the UAE experiences heavy rainfall, it's essential for motorists to be aware of potential claim rejection reasons. Opting for comprehensive car insurance plans and following safety guidelines can help protect vehicles and ensure smooth claim processes during unexpected rainstorms.


Does car insurance in the UAE cover rain damage?

Yes, comprehensive car insurance policies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other emirates often include coverage for seasonal damages, including rain damage. However, the level of coverage may vary depending on the insurance provider and the specific policy terms. It's essential to carefully review your policy details to understand the extent of rain-related coverage.

Does third-party insurance provide coverage for rain-damaged vehicles?

No, third-party insurance in the UAE does not cover damages caused by rain to your vehicle. This type of insurance primarily covers damages to other vehicles or properties caused by your vehicle. For protection against rain damage, it's recommended to opt for a comprehensive insurance plan.

What should I do if my car stops working during heavy rain?

If your car stops functioning in heavy rain, decelerate gradually and pull over to a safe location. Ensure your emergency lights and reflectors are on to make your vehicle visible to other drivers. Avoid attempting to restart the engine or opening the hood, as this could exacerbate the issue. Seek assistance promptly, especially during severe rain conditions.



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