OMODA Adapts to UAE's Future Vision and Next-Gen Users
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OMODA Adapts to UAE's Future Vision and Next-Gen Users

March 23,2023
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Chery Omoda 5 front

Individual product advantages are far from meeting consumer needs, and consumers favor products with more uniqueness and multiple advantages as a result of the advancement in automotive R&D and the ongoing change in young consumers' demand for travel. They anticipate a brand-new model that is distinct from the sedan or SUV that came before it, one that combines the features of several different makes and claims the interior space of an MPV, the chassis of an SUV, and the driving dynamics of a sedan. In order to increase driving enjoyment, Cross-, a novel automotive design concept, combines the traits of various car categories and creates new models that span platforms or functions.

The market economy of the United Arab Emirates has reached its maximum potential in the post-epidemic period, with "green" and "artificial intelligence" emerging as significant words of future growth. Globally renowned brands have taken notice of the open and welcoming culture, the youthful and powerful user communities, and the economy that is focused on the future. OMODA, a recent auto brand from the Chinese market, stands out among them as being especially distinctive and eye-catching.

Chery's global R&D team has brilliantly developed a new product sequence called OMODA based on an in-depth knowledge of current customer wants and needs. The first model, OMODA 5, is a Cross product designed especially for young people. OMODA, which derives its name from the word "modern," stands for the modern way of life that stresses a stunning exterior and high-tech product strength. The letter "O" also stands for oxygen, a vital component of life, as well as surprise, positivity, and energy. OMODA 5, chosen by Chery from 600 names picked from around the globe, illustrates the product idea of co-creation with users well in both design and naming.

OMODA Adapts to UAE's Future Vision and Next-Gen Users

Since the model's launch, OMODA has conducted 1000 studies on OMODA 5 in twenty distinct countries to fully understand the needs of its young user base. Finally, CROSS has been recognized as the newest and most well-liked lifestyle among young people. The "CROSS" of identities and roles for people happens frequently in both the virtual and physical worlds, which is equivalent to the idea of a "parallel universe" in physics and creates living room for different kinds of "us."

Therefore, OMODA works to bring a vehicle from a different parallel universe to the present, create cutting-edge design and future technology for young users, break traditional real-world constraints, and predict the future in advance, in order to give the new generation a sense of belonging and cutting-edge technology. In a nutshell, OMODA is the new fashion designer who represents emerging technology.

Chery Omoda 5 rear

OMODA has developed O-UNIVERSE in this context, sharing with each user and expanding with them via a new ecosystem. OMODA is of the opinion that it can only be the most popular crossover SUV brand that appeals to young people by having the same mindset as every OMODER and cooperating with them. O-FASHION, O-LAB, O-CLUB, and O-LIFE, which are along with users in the themes of fashion, creativity, technology, and green, are the four main sections that OMODA has created for users centered around the O-UNIVERSE ecosystem.

According to schedule, OMODA 5 will go on sale in more than 80 nations globally after being introduced this year in more than 20 foreign markets. UAE is a hub for wealth and trends worldwide as well as a great location for young people to live. As a result, OMODA has always viewed the UAE as a crucial market for its efforts to completely penetrate the Middle Eastern market. With the brand promise of "resonating with young users," OMODA is igniting a fresh era of fashionable living. I am confident that as OMODA continues to grow in the UAE market, its ideas about youth, technology, and fashion will be effectively incorporated into young people's lives, bringing a futuristic and intelligent driving experience to local users. 


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