A Quick Review Of The Ferrari 12 Cilindri & Ferrari 12 Cilindri Spider
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A Quick Review Of The Ferrari 12 Cilindri & Ferrari 12 Cilindri Spider

May 9,2024
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ferrari 12 cillindri

The Ferrari 12 Cilindri is the latest car from one of the world’s most prestigious automobile brands. It comes as a direct successor to the Ferrari 812 Superfast, making it an immensely vital model for the Italian brand. More importantly, where many carmakers are actively trying to replace the internal combustion engine (ICE) with battery-powered electric motors, the all-new Ferrari 12 Cilindri is firmly holding onto the beloved ICE – that too a stonking V12!

As some of you might have figured it out by now, “12 Cilindri” literally translates to “12 Cylinders,” which sounds quite straightforward and bland in English. However, the Italians are not the biggest fans of bland things, with the actual name sounding far more exotic in Italian. There are actually two cars that have been launched, the second one being the Ferrari 12 Cilindri Spider – the convertible version. Furthermore, the Ferrari 12 Cilindri is a Gran Tourer (GT) by design and function.

How is the exterior styling of the new Ferrari 12 Cilindri?

Among the multitude of exciting cars that the brand currently sells, the new Ferrari 12 Cilindri might be the one that looks least of all like a Ferrari – especially when viewed from up front. This is not to say that the latest Ferrari GT is the drabbest thing on the face of the earth, because it certainly is not that. On a more personal note, the Ferrari 812 Superfast might be an older model now, but it still looks absolutely breathtaking.

ferrari 12 cillindri exterior

The wedge-shaped front fascia of the Ferrari 12 Cilindri does look really sporty and sleek with its piano black trim, slender LED headlights, and LED DRLs extending from the headlights to the rear of the front fenders. Of course, being a high-performance GT, the Ferrari 12 Cilindri gets a bunch of passive and active aerodynamics. This is clearly visible all around, wherein you will find front splitter & wings, exaggerated side skirts, and 21-inch wheels that have been aerodynamically designed for performance.

The sculpted front & rear haunches look brilliant, with the rear one matching the aerodynamically enhanced roofline and the rear end. When you look at the Ferrari 12 Cilindri from a top-down POV in the three-quarter view, the design looks like it is a mixture of angular shapes and bulging curves around the corners, while integrating a piano black finish. The ‘Ferrari’ badge at the back is backed up by ultra-modern & sleek LED taillights, and a really sporty-looking bumper. This bumper houses quad exhausts and a fully functional rear diffuser.

How different is the exterior styling of the new Ferrari 12 Cilindri Spider?

Of course, the biggest difference between the two Ferrari 12 Cilindri variants has to do with one being a proper convertible. Everything between the A-pillar and B-pillar is obviously different, with the latter being reinforced in case of a roll-over incident. On most other fronts, the Ferrari 12 Cilindri Spider is similar to the standard Ferrari 12 Cilindri Coupe. If you want to have a true roof-down experience and drive around beautiful parts of the UAE (including Jebel Hafeet and Dubai Marina).

ferrari 12 cillindri spider

What does the interior of the new Ferrari 12 Cilindri look like?

The interior of the 2025 Ferrari 12 Cilindri obviously looks modern and technologically advanced. The overly-empowered steering wheel is similar to every other new Ferrari, while the Ferrari 12 Cilindri is the first model in the Italina brand’s history to sport a fully digital instrument console, and it looks and feels really contemporary.

ferrari 12 cillindri interior

Of course, the cabin of the 2025 Ferrari 12 Cilindri is chock-a-block full of modern features and conveniences – from a steering wheel that can control almost anything in the car, to massive carbon-fiber paddle shifters, a modern touchscreen infotainment, plus another touchscreen system placed in front of the co-driver. This has to be one of the most advanced cockpits proposed by any Italian automaker.

Of course, the quality of materials in here do feel premium, as they should. At the same time, the seats feature sporty seats that are also highly supportive. On a side note, the ‘binnacle-like’ console in front of the co-passenger adds to this cabin’s modern feel, while feeling really sporty. There is a lot of Alcantara all over, though there are some low-grade plastic bits that don’t really belong in a Ferrari. However, the aluminum and carbon fiber trim do feel really high-end.

Features of the new Ferrari 12 Cilindri

The 2025 Ferrari 12 Cilindri comes with features like an entirely new exhaust system with a ceramic catalytic converter, an almost magically designed rear wing, dual rear active flaps, specific climate control vents, a 15.6-inch digital driver’s display, a 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system, an 8.8-inch digital screen for the co-driver, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, a wireless charging pad, a 15-speaker Burmester audio system with 1,600 watts of output.

ferrari 12 cillindri interior

Performance of the new Ferrari 12 Cilindri

The 2025 Ferrari 12 Cilindri is powered by a 6.5-liter naturally-aspirated V12 engine that produces 820 hp and 678 Nm of torque. With a dry weight of around 1.6 tons, the Ferrari 12 Cilindri is equipped with an 8-speed DCT gearbox. With a top speed of over 340 km/h, the Ferrari 12 Cilindri is one of the fastest Gran Tourers in the world, while the time taken to go from 0-100 km/h is 2.9 seconds.

ferrari 12 cillindri

If you are still thinking about the Ferrari 12 Cilindri’s performance, this Gran Tourer can hit 200 km/h in under 8 seconds, while being able to brake from 100 km/h to zero in 31.4 meters. Ferrari never aimed to make the all-new Ferrari 12 Cilindri the best-performing model the brand ever made. That said, the Ferrari 12 Cilindri is a grand tourer that performs as a sports car when you want it to.

With an advanced traction control system and electronic differential, the Ferrari 12 Cilindri also comes with a so-called “6D sensor”, Ferrari’s famous Manettino switch with multiple drive/traction modes, Side Slip Control (SSC), and independent four-wheel steering, amongst other features.

Who should buy the new Ferrari 12 Cilindri

To begin with, you need to have the moolah to buy one of these amazing cars. If you do have that, expect the Ferrari 12 Cilindri to start from around AED 1.4 million for the coupe, with the Ferrari 12 Cilindri Spider starting from around AED 1.7 million or so. If you are the kind of buyer who wants the latest Ferrari that can be driven almost every day sans much hassle, the 2025 Ferrari 12 Cilindri could be a good choice.

ferrari 12 cillindri

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