Jetour Presents its ‘Enjoy the Journey, Embrace the World’ Theme at Beijing Auto Show
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Jetour Presents its ‘Enjoy the Journey, Embrace the World’ Theme at Beijing Auto Show

May 11,2024
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jetout beijing auto show

The highly anticipated Beijing Auto Show was embraced with open arms as manufacturers left no stone unturned to display ground-breaking vehicles, concept designs, platforms that revealed the mobility of tomorrow and powertrains contrived on the pillar of sustainable locomotion.
A noticeable amount of hubbub was casted by the young Jetour brand which has swiftly expanded into 50 countries and is leading in the regions of Uruguay, Ecuador, Angola and other markets. It’s the fastest growing SUV brand in China with models that are based on the superlatives of travel and adventure. 

To showcase its version of the future of mobility, the Chinese brand presented models and new drivetrains based on the theme of ‘Enjoy the Journey, Embrace the World.’ It provided insights on how it aims to be the leader in the automotive ambit and presented statistics on the remarkable growth and acceptance it has achieved since it transformed into an independent brand with autonomous operations in 2019. 

With the Chinese automotive industry recording an explosive 57.9 percent export growth in the 2022-23 fiscal, Jetour played a pivotal role in helping the industry achieve this feat by recording sales of 1.1 million units within 68 months from the time it introduced its maiden product. This profound presence was further emboldened by consumer prerogative for adventure travel, increased urbanization, and rising income which has given a shoot to propensity to spend.

jetour t2

In the UAE, the X70 and X90 models have appealed to customers while its solid style statement-making model, the Dashing enticed the crowd with its snazzy looks and a futuristic interior. Introduced in January 2024, the brand’s most off-road-oriented model in the UAE, the T2 achieved runaway success in its home market by clocking in a volume of 10,000 units in three months thereby, setting a record in this segment. 

While its models imbibe the utilitarian toughness of off-road vehicles, Jetour has ensured each model gets a new type of powertrain where electric batteries would couple with engines for a precise articulation between efficiency and power. It showcased its Super Hybrid Off-Road Platform and the Super Hybrid i-DM system and demonstrated how the new foundation can bolster the car’s performance and stability, even on rugged terrains.
Alongside showing an inexorable focus on the adoption of new energy and models based on a novel architecture, Jetour is forecasting possibilities with the ambition of foraying into right-hand drive markets that can help it attract a profound presence. Both Plug-in Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicles are on the cards for global markets.

Where most manufacturers stick to conventional powertrain and platform options for ultimate off-road vehicles, Jetour is experimenting with a contemporary approach for its T-Series of cars that are specifically designed to explore the unknown by lunging off the beaten path. For instance, its T1 is positioned as a plug-in hybrid off-road vehicle that marries a 1.5-litre Turbocharged GDI engine to spout immense grunt on any surface. This car also encapsulates a 2-meter bed at the rear to clinch the practicality quotient. 

jetour t5

Similarly, the T5 model, personalized for thrilling adventures on rough sections, features a 2.0-litre turbo-petrol engine coupled with battery assistance. This ensures an unruffled and comfortable experience on even the most challenging paths while giving a strong range, thanks to efficient power regeneration. 

Following the same route, is the T7 SUV which not only leaves a daunting remark on other SUVs with its humongous 5.5-metre length, but also has the oomph to decimate everything in its path, courtesy of a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine with electric battery scaffold. It sports independent motors on both axles and an adaptive suspension to eliminate jerks or any uncanny feeling when venturing on off-road expeditions.
Uniquely, it also flanks the capability of traversing through water and a fully armored body for paramount safety.

Jetour enthusiastically highlights its ‘Travel’ philosophy when it releases a new model. This signifies that it develops designs, infuses models with technology, and stresses comprehensively on consumer aspirations to load its cars with technology, drivetrains and creature comforts that would come in handy when people undertake to explore and create mesmerizing experiences in the process.

Ke ChuanDeng, Vice President of JETOUR Auto said, “Travel knows no boundaries, and neither does JETOUR’s future. In an era of rapidly advancing automotive technology and evolving consumer desires, JETOUR is not just offering a vehicle, it is promoting a lifestyle in line with its ‘Travel’ philosophy.”  


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