Ask Sam: 5 tips to maintain your car
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Ask Sam: 5 tips to maintain your car

April 18,2013
2 min read


Sam Freij is the Kingdom Maintenance Director at Alissa Holdings. He has over 23 years of automotive experience under his belt. He will be sharing his thoughts with us on numerous automotive topics every week. He looks forward to answering your questions. 


Topic of the Week: 5 Tips on Maintaining Your Car in Middle East / GCC region


Dear Readers, 

Today I have the chance to share the love of motoring with you all. It is my passion, my exhilarating endeavor and flow of joy.

I have been always been fascinated with cars, especially ones with high performance motors and with a beast under the hood. I have experienced and driven a vast variety of makes and models during the last 23 years of my life in the Automotive industry.  

Here are simple 5 steps on ensuring your car remains in good condition, as it's usually the second highest investment after owning a home: 


1- Perform the engine oil / filter change and routine service ALWAYS on time. In addition, rotate your tires in the same session (as per your dealer or manufacturer guidelines and recommendations which can be found in owners manual).


2- Step one will enable you to also check your brakes, hoses, battery and fluids in an additional 15 to 30 minutes. Small details such as this will ensure your car staying in good running condition, particularly in the harsh Middle East heat. 


3- Establish a habit of taking a glance at your tires as you walk up to your vehicle for any sidewall damage or irregular under inflation. See images below for examples of sidewall damage and tire under inflation. 


4-Wash your vehicle regularly to protect the paint and apply wax at least twice a year to maintain and preserve that nice new car look, a light window tint especially in sunny hot regions will protect and preserve the interior of your vehicle while keeping cooler on hot summer days.


5-Always keep a binder or a file in your trunk with receipts of all services performed for the purpose of warranty repairs. It is a great selling tool in the future, as it's the only proof you have of a well maintained car. Invest in a binder and increase your car resale value! 


I look forward to connecting with all of you in the near future to answer all of your questions. Send in your questions to [email protected]


Drive Safe,

Sam Freij 



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