Best convertibles to enjoy winter in the UAE
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Best convertibles to enjoy winter in the UAE

February 27,2018
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اقرأ المقال بالعربية

 McLaren 675LT

Winters in the UAE last only for a few months. However, this short period of time has the kind of weather that is perfect for outdoor activities such as open-top driving. Driving a convertible during the UAE winter is a motorist’s delight that must be experienced to be best appreciated. Having the right convertible will allow you to do exactly that. Here is our list of the best convertible cars to make the most out of the winter.

Mazda MX5

Mazda MX5

If you’re looking for an affordable yet sporty convertible, you can never go wrong with the legendary MX5. Compact and affordable, this is a two-seater that brings open-top fun to the masses. It is also very comfortable and reliable, making it a great option for those who like to own a convertible for the long term. Its modest power, light weight, and balanced suspension makes it a fun-to-drive roadster that’s forgiving enough for beginners.

Mercedes Benz SLC

Mercedes Benz SLC

This compact 2-seater serves as the successor of the SLK nameplate brings the time-tested Mercedes Benz reputation for quality and refinement in a convertible package. With a folding hardtop, you can drive this car at virtually any time of the year, though it is best enjoyed with the top down. In all trim levels, the SLC boasts more than adequate power and nimble handling to match. Of course, if you want to take things to the next level, you can always get the AMG version. 

BMW M4 Convertible

BMW M4 Convetible

The award-winning BMW M4 is also available in convertible form. If you want to enjoy the full touring car experience with the top down, the M4 is made exactly for you. While the convertible is estimated to be at least 225kg heavier than the coupe, the roadster hasn’t lost much of the maneuverability that made the M4 special to begin with. A twin-turbo straight six engine with 431 horsepower provides massive pull, and the optional Competition package ups this car’s overall performance further.

Morgan Aero 8

Morgan Aero 8

If you want the most unique looking convertible on the streets, the Morgan Aero 8 should be your choice. It is a vintage British roadster updated using modern technology. The Aero 8 features an aluminum bonded chassis, a 4.8-liter V8 that produces 367 horsepower, and side exhausts, just to name some of its go-quick features. While the Morgan Aero 8 is both sophisticated and very fast, it is its retro-modern design that makes it stand out from virtually every convertible out there.

McLaren 675 LT Spider

McLaren 675LT

The 675 LT Spider is the convertible version of the 675 Coupe, the upgraded version of the 650S. It features ridiculously high levels of speed and cornering ability. Those who drove the 675 LT Spider will say that its performance capabilities are more akin to the P1 Hypercar than the 650. Despite this, the comfort, ride quality, and composure of the 675 on daily driving conditions are remarkable, perfect for cruising the streets of UAE. For those looking for a supercar convertible, this car is an excellent choice.

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