BMW i4 M50 gets special Pirelli P Zero Elect tyres
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BMW i4 M50 gets special Pirelli P Zero Elect tyres

January 31,2023
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The BMW i4 M50 is a pretty special car for the Bavarian automaker’s M division with it being the first fully electric car developed by the brand’s high-performance division. Despite being electric, the i4 M50 is said to have all the features of a true M car, with the latest one being that it's got a bespoke Pirelli tyre for it.

Meet the Pirelli P Zero Elect - recognisable thanks to specific markings on its side wall, the tyre has been specifically designed to suit the features of BEV or plug-in hybrid cars, such as quick torque, higher battery weight, and silent travel. 

The special tyres will also have to handle the monstrous amount of power the i4 M50 has with its twin-motor setup (one e-motor on the front axle, one on the back) powered by a 83.9kWh battery. This makes the EV capable of 0-62mph in just 3.9 seconds. 

Also, the i4 M50 is scoring big on the sales front with it becoming the best selling M car of 2022 with the M division recording an 8.4 percent increase in sales compared to 2021. More electric M cars will be joining the i4 M50 with BMW stating that a "further transformation towards electric mobility has also already been mapped out."

"For us, this is a clear signal that the unique M feeling has arrived in the world of electrified vehicles," says Timo Resch, Head of Customer, Brand, and Sales at BMW M GmbH. 


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