CAFU introduces car care tips for motorists in the UAE
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CAFU introduces car care tips for motorists in the UAE

September 23,2020
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Dubai based refuelling, car wash and maintenance service, CAFU, has released a series of car care tips that aim to keep motorists and their families safe while keeping their vehicle COVID-free during the ongoing pandemic. Proving its support to the wider community, the full list of car safety tips can be found at ‘CAFU Cares’, a dedicated section on the CAFU website for car owners, drivers, and passengers of all ages.

“CAFU takes pride in serving the community by always striving to do our part in making life better for our customers across everything we do. We care deeply about keeping our community safe during COVID-19 and stopping the virus in its tracks. Our CAFU Cares COVID tips are designed to help car owners take practical steps to protect themselves, their families, and other passengers to travel safely every day” said Antonio Al Asmar, General Manager of CAFU.

Outside of the home and workplace, an individual's vehicle tends to remain a space most frequently used and thus active efforts need to be taken to ensure it is always clean and virus-free. CAFU which already provides contactless refuelling amongst its services to car owners ensures that drivers can remain safe and, on the road, to go about their everyday lives.

To support this effort, CAFU recommends the following tips to be followed:

Keeping your car keys COVID free in your pocket

It is easy to overlook, but your car keys are among the most often touched personal items. Before and after every trip out in the car, give your car keys a good wipe down with a sanitising wipe.  

Maintaining a virus-free car interior

Keeping a virus-free interior is achieved by a thorough and regular cleaning of the places touched most in the interior by using antibiotic sterilizing wipes. Drivers are advised to sanitize the steering wheel, gear shift knob, instrument stalks, seatbelt, stereo controls, cup holders, door pockets, dashboard, air conditioning outlets and any other surface that the driver may encounter.

Ensuring a safe, clean, and gleaming car exterior

Having a clean car exterior not only makes sense for good car maintenance and the fact it keeps the car looking good, but during times of COVID it has the added benefit of keeping the virus at bay. Extra cleaning and care should be given to the most commonly touched areas such as door handles and the doors.

Limit passengers onboard

If possible, solo travel is the safest route to follow. If a driver is required to carry additional passengers, government regulations must be followed. If it is necessary to ride with others for essential trips, be mindful in ensuring that appropriate safety measures are being followed by sanitizing hands, wearing a mask, and avoiding unnecessary touching of interior surfaces.

Ventilate between trips

Keep the air circulating throughout the vehicle for a healthier journey. It is believed that the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 can linger in the air for up to three hours. Leaving your car’s windows open a crack between journeys, to allow fresh air to circulate through the cabin, may help towards reducing the risk of contamination.

Do not forget about the car boot

Be mindful of what you are transporting in your car boot.  By putting objects into the boot such as groceries or laundry, there is a chance of introducing COVID into the vehicle. Therefore, regular cleaning inside and out will ensure it continues to remain virus-free.

Let CAFU keep you safe for fuel fill-ups

Studies have shown that fuel pumps may carry up to 11,835 times the germs of the average public toilet seat. Let a CAFU Pilot provide contactless refuelling with the highest standard of health and safety measures in place. CAFU vehicles are cleaned and decontaminated internally daily, while Pilots are temperature checked each morning. Pilots are provided with gloves and masks to ensure they are minimizing contact with all surfaces. 

For added peace of mind, CAFU can provide anti-bacterial cleaning on-demand

For added peace of mind and the assurance of a deep and thorough clean, the recently launched CAFU SuperShineTM car wash which is available across Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Abu Dhabi, doesn’t just leave your car with a visibly superior shine – it also uses the Anti-Bacterial Biocote® to provide an interior cleaning that kills viruses and 99.9% bacteria.

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