OMODA Expands User Ecosystem in UAE with New Attitudes and Lifestyles
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OMODA Expands User Ecosystem in UAE with New Attitudes and Lifestyles

May 28,2023
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Geely Omoda car in the UAE from the back

As lifestyles evolve and accelerate, the demands of vehicle consumers grow increasingly varied, giving rise to a new segment of users. These individuals seek a vehicle that combines the spaciousness of an MPV, the robustness of an SUV, and the agility of a sedan, rather than opting for traditional sedans or SUVs. Essentially, they desire a single vehicle that incorporates the best attributes of various car models.


Start the new era of user co-creation

OMODA emerges as a versatile model, combining various styles and functions, to cater to the evolving needs of the market. Its purpose is to bring a heightened sense of enjoyment to young drivers and fulfill their desires effectively.


OMODA conducted extensive market research by doing more than 1,000 surveys in over 20 countries/regions worldwide when it was first established. This research helped the company gain a deep understanding of the market and the needs of its users.


Using the feedback received from global users, OMODA creatively completed key processes such as modeling design, power train adjustment, technology configuration, and product naming. The company's concept of "user-oriented and global co-creation" was instrumental in this process. The design concept of "Art in Motion" was a valuable outcome of this user-driven approach.


Even the name “OMODA” is elected by users from over 600 proposals worldwide. OMODA highlights the good-looking appearance and high-technology perception in account of the "Modern" lifestyle. It represents the spirit of user co-creation, indicates the distinctive, stylish, and advanced future technology, and the unique understanding of the trend of fashion.


Develop the user ecosystem of OMODA

OMODA transcends its role as a mere vehicle and aspires to embody a complete lifestyle and a mindset characterized by self-expression and independent thinking. In addition to providing a delightful driving experience, OMODA extends its offerings to include a range of personalized peripheral products. These include items such as sports kettles, outdoor kits, cyclist bracelets, sun cream cans, and stylish headbands.


By combining elements of travel, adventure, social networking, gatherings, hiking, and various life scenarios, OMODA cultivates a user ecosystem that enhances the overall experience and fosters a holistic approach to life.


Geely Omoda Car in UAE

OMODA has created an ecosystem called O-UNIVERSE to foster mutual growth with its users and engage with them. The company has also established O-Sport to cater to the trendy and cool needs of the younger generation.


O-Lab has been developed to encourage the introduction of new ideas both online and offline through a laboratory of creativity and inspiration. O-Club is an exclusive user group created for user operation, while O-trip advocates for a green, low-carbon, environment-friendly, and energy-saving lifestyle through the use of high technology.


Launch the channel for diverse development

OMODA anticipates surpassing the conventional norms of the world and offering a revolutionary ecosystem that allows users to glimpse into the future. It is similar to utilizing a vehicle to navigate and transition between the realms of reality and an alternate universe, offering a unique and immersive experience. OMODA recognizes that life is not unidimensional, but rather a complex interplay of various aspects.


OMODA plans to collaborate with users in the UAE, a country with the fastest development in Metaverse, to develop the concept of Metaverse. The company aims to provide users with the opportunity to experience the excitement of switching between different identities and worlds.


OMODA is dedicated to raising diverse development in the global automotive market, presenting a channel that exceeds traditional norms. This signifies a departure from conventional vehicle products of the past, as OMODA embraces boundless possibilities.


The concept of "user-oriented and global co-creation" serves as a foundation for strengthening the bond between the brand and its users, continually enhancing connectivity, and fostering the evolution of diverse features.


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