Revolutionizing Dubai's Transport: AI-Powered Fleet Management
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Revolutionizing Dubai's Transport: AI-Powered Fleet Management

October 25,2023
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"Dubai's DTC: Pioneering AI for Safer and Smarter Transportation"


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Dubai's Taxi Corporation (DTC) has recently integrated an innovative Artificial Intelligence system, overseeing a vast fleet of 7,200 vehicles, encompassing school buses, taxis, limousines, commercial buses, and motorcycles. This cutting-edge system not only scrutinizes the routes taken by these vehicles but also evaluates driver behavior and adherence to established guidelines.

The vehicle list under this new system comprises 5,200 taxis, 1,000 school buses, 400 limousines, 1,000 commercial buses, and 600 delivery motorbikes. The introduction of AI monitoring for 1,000 school buses specifically ensures the safety of students during their transportation, guaranteeing punctual pick-ups and drop-offs. This includes meticulous tracking of trip progress, comprehensive monitoring of student information, vigilant observation of driver conduct, and immediate alerts in case of any exigency.

Furthermore, the AI Control Centre exercises meticulous oversight over the operations of 5,200 taxis, ensuring seamless availability of services around the clock. It extends robust support to drivers, promptly addresses their requirements, offers precise guidance towards areas exhibiting heightened demand, conducts astute assessments of the efficiency of daily vehicle movements, and meticulously conducts data analysis, all aimed at augmenting performance and bolstering customer satisfaction.

Ammar Al Braiki, Director of Fleet Operations at DTC, accentuated the pivotal role of showcasing the control centre's endeavors and enlightening the public and road users regarding DTC's pivotal role in harnessing new technologies and astute systems to monitor and track this extensive vehicle fleet.

The control centre is entrusted with the duty of overseeing and tracking the performance of 14,500 drivers, providing invaluable support to senior management in crafting expeditious and efficacious decisions, and furnishing a comprehensive calendar of events transpiring in Dubai. This ensures the judicious deployment of the taxi fleet in consonance with the demands and necessitates that available vehicles are redirected to areas exhibiting amplified demand.

DTC remains at the forefront of actively pursuing the expansion of its automated operations, earnestly delving into exhaustive data analysis, and adroitly leveraging intelligent systems to deliver top-notch transportation services in strict accordance with global standards. The paramount objective remains to prudently manage the transport system in a manner that unequivocally safeguards the well-being of all individuals involved. This was articulated in an official press release disseminated by DTC


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