The HONGQI HS3 to Launch Pre-Sales Soon, Set to Become the Dream Ride for the Young in the Middle East
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The HONGQI HS3 to Launch Pre-Sales Soon, Set to Become the Dream Ride for the Young in the Middle East

February 13,2024
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It is reported that the HONGQI HS3 pre-sales will be officially launched on February 15th, which will bring a strong shock to the local young people and the automobile market. With the continuous improvement of people's well-being, higher requirements have been put forward for the configuration of family cars.

Is there a car that can meet the needs of users with comfortable and large space, strong driving power, convenient and intelligent configuration, and at the same time, comprehensive safety protection. You will find the answer in the HONGQI HS3!

a guy inside of a car smiling

Leapfrog Space

When choosing a family car, comfortable space is the first factor. Among the current mainstream C-class SUV models, the body size of the upcoming HONGQI HS3 is very eye-catching. The car is 4655mm long, 1900mm wide, and 1668mm high. The oversized body not only makes this car look tall and powerful in appearance, but also makes the interior space more abundant.

The wheelbase of 2770mm is even higher than that of other models in the same class. The ultra-long wheelbase can not only improve the driving stability of the vehicle but also extend the space in the front and rear rows of the vehicle, making the ride more spacious and comfortable.

hongqi hs3 interior

The HONGQI HS3 has a front-row headroom of 993mm, which avoids the lack of headroom for tall drivers and provides a wider field of vision; the effective legroom in the rear row is 966mm, allowing rear-seat passengers to ride in a more comfortable posture without worrying about their knees pushing up to the back of the front seat.

The HONGQI HS3 is also equipped with an open-able panoramic sunroof of 1090mm x 715mm, which is ahead of other models in the same class in terms of size. It can add a sense of open space to drivers and passengers, allowing them to enjoy traveling freely.

Surging Power Configuration

Whether a car is good or not, power configuration is the core judgment criterion. The HONGQI HS3 is equipped with a 2.0T engine with a maximum power of 185kW and a maximum torque of 380N·m. With the surging power configuration, the HONGQI HS3 only needs 6.9 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers, making it easier to accelerate or overtake.

Hongqi hs3 speeding

HONGQI HS3 uses an AISIN 8AT gearbox, which has smoother control and high durability. The 2.0T engine is paired with a world-class gearbox, allowing car owners to drive more passionately and enjoy more control pleasure.

Surprising Intelligent Configuration

The travel experience in the new era and intelligent configuration are highly anticipated. The HONGQI HS3 is equipped with an AVM (Around View Monitor) function, which can control road conditions information at any time while driving; the SACC (Senior Adaptive Cruise Control) function automatically realizes the longitudinal acceleration and deceleration of the vehicle and lateral steering control, making driving easier for the owner; the fully automatic parking function  solves the problem of difficult parking in narrow parking spaces through smart parking; and 40W+15W power bilateral wireless charging, the first model of its class to be equipped, can charge mobile phones anytime and anywhere. These efficient and convenient intelligent configurations will bring a surprising driving experience.

hongqi hs3 interior

Comprehensive Security Protection

When driving every day, safety should always come first. The HONGQI HS3 high-strength safety body can withstand 360-degree collision impacts and minimize the damage to passengers in emergencies. The entire vehicle is equipped with 6 airbags and force-limiting seat belts as standard to reduce the impact on the human body and provide comprehensive protection from front to back.

In addition, there are intelligent driving assistance functions such as lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, front and rear collision warning, front and rear parking radar, and active emergency braking to ensure users' driving safety in all aspects.


As a key product launched by the HONGQI brand in the Middle East market, the HONGQI HS3 will launch pre-sales on February 15th, 2024. From its superior body size, superpower combination to its luxurious technological configurations, its strong product strength will surely satisfy the pursuit of high-quality travel among young people in the Middle East and become a new choice in the luxury SUV market.

To learn more about HONGQI, please click here to visit the official HONGQI website and elevate your driving experience.


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