The McLaren 750S is a 740 horsepower 720S replacement
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The McLaren 750S is a 740 horsepower 720S replacement

May 7,2023
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The McLaren 720S was already lauded as one of the sharpest supercars on the planet so replacing something like it is quite a task then, right? And so it doesn’t come as a surprise that the successor of the supercar revealed by McLaren focuses on refinements over the 720S rather than changing everything from the ground up with just around 30 percent of the supercar’s components new or changed - after all, why change a winning formula?

Meet the 750S: a McLaren 720S turned up to 11. Powered by a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8, the 750S packs 740 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque (more than the McLaren P1). The engine is mated to an updated seven-speed sequential gearbox with a shorter final drive ratio and sends power to the rear wheels.


The top-trumps are pretty mad as well - 0-60 mph takes just 2.7 seconds, 0-124 mph takes 7.2 seconds and 0-186 mph takes 19.8 seconds. McLaren has revealed the coupe and spider forms of the supercar and the latter has an identical 0-60 mph time but is 0.1 seconds slower to 124 mph and 0.6 seconds slower to 186 mph.

McLaren says that the 750S “further sharpens McLaren’s ‘form follows function’ design philosophy” with a new bumper at front channeling air into the redesigned and  narrower eye sockets housing the LED lighting. The big star of the show is the new extended front splitter that looks to provide aerodynamic balance and works in connection with the 20-percent larger active rear wing. 

Talking about the rear, it features a P1-inspired center-exit exhaust system along with bigger intakes ahead of the rear wheel, a new rear bumper, a new mesh grille, and a new rear deck.


An Alcantara interior is standard, obviously, but two additional specifications are on offer: TechLux and Performance. Choosing TechLux will give the 750S Nappa leather all around the cabin while the Performance spec will combine leather and Alcantara.

The instrument cluster has moved inside a binnacle attached to the steering column and the infotainment has revealed new displays. But the big cherry on the cake for the interior is the McLaren Control Launcher that allows drivers to save their favorite aero, handling, powertrain, and transmission settings accessible via a single button press. Oh, and Apple CarPlay is available as standard, just in case you want to take a break from hearing the angry V8 and listen to songs on the upgraded Bowers & Wilkins sound system.

Customers will have the option of choosing between the Pirelli P Zero Corsa or Trofeo R tires. Other options include super-lightweight carbon fiber racing seats that weigh just 7.4 lbs and a special track brake upgrade modeled after the system on the Senna adding larger ceramic rotors, monoblock calipers, a new booster and vacuum pump, and Formula 1-inspired caliper cooling technology.

To conclude it all, McLaren says that the 750S comes with a three-year unlimited mileage warranty. Now that is the kind of warranty not expected on a supercar.

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