Ready to Say Goodbye to the Ram TRX?
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 Ready to Say Goodbye to the Ram TRX?

By Ahmad Rashad Al Zeer
November 14,2023
6 min read


ram 1500 rho

Introducing the New Era of Ram Trucks: The Ram RHO


The automotive industry is abuzz with excitement as Ram announces its latest addition to the lineup of high-performance pickup trucks. Say goodbye to the mighty Ram TRX and make way for the all-new Ram RHO. In this article, we will delve into the details of this new powerhouse, its engine specifications, off-road capabilities, and the reasons behind the TRX's retirement.

The Ram RHO, which is a new addition to Ram's lineup of high-performance pickup trucks, is currently creating a bit of a buzz in the automotive industry. Thanks to its powerful engine and impressive off-road capabilities, the Ram RHO is set to make a mark in the off-road truck category, offering extreme performance and towing capacity for truck enthusiasts.


The Successor to the Legendary TRX

Ram CEO Tim Kuniskis has made it clear that the TRX nameplate is being shelved, at least for now. The decision to retire the TRX is driven by the desire to deliver a new version of the high-performance pickup truck that caters to different audiences without relinquishing market share. Enter the Ram RHO, the alter ego of the TRX. Ram CEO Tim Kuniskis has emphasized the need to cater to diverse audiences while maintaining a strong market presence, leading to the introduction of the Ram RHO as the successor to the TRX.

ram trx

Powertrain: A Shift to Efficiency

While the TRX boasted a supercharged V8 engine generating a jaw-dropping 702 horsepower, the Ram RHO takes a different approach. Under the hood, the RHO holds a twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre inline-six cylinder engine, delivering a remarkable 540 horsepower. This power figure falls short of the TRX's beloved Hellcat engine by 162 ponies, but it presents a more efficient and sustainable option for the future. Despite the decrease in horsepower compared to the TRX, the Ram RHO's diesel engine offers enhanced fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, making it a more sustainable choice for truck enthusiasts.

ram 1500 rho

Retaining the TRX's Off-Road Prowess

Despite the horsepower deficit, the Ram RHO inherits the TRX's wide body, beefier frame, long-travel suspension, and chunky off-road tires. Ram enthusiasts need not fret; the RHO remains a seriously fun off-roader. While the specific details are not yet revealed, Kuniskis assures everyone that the RHO will come equipped with the exact same off-road equipment as the TRX, albeit with a retuned suspension. Expect the RHO to sport chunky 35-inch all-terrain tires, a reinforced frame, and an impressive foot of suspension travel. The Ram RHO, a heavy-duty pickup truck, inherits the TRX's off-road capabilities, including the long-travel suspension and chunky off-road tires, making it an ideal choice for off-road enthusiasts seeking extreme performance and heavy hauling capabilities.


Aesthetics and Interior

The Ram RHO will also feature a wider body than the standard Ram 1500, ensuring a commanding presence on and off the road. Exterior elements will likely receive subtle revisions, while the interior will see the incorporation of new tech, courtesy of the recent facelift given to the regular Ram 1500. The Ram RHO's distinctive wider body and luxurious interior, complete with the leather seats and Uconnect infotainment, caters to a combination of aggressive styling and luxury, making it one of the top competitors in the heavy-duty truck segment.

ram 1500 rho

The Future of the TRX Nameplate

With the retirement of the TRX, many Ram enthusiasts eagerly await its return. Ram CEO Tim Kuniskis has hinted that a next-gen TRX would only make a comeback with more power. Given that the RHO falls short in terms of horsepower, it's understandable why it doesn't carry the TRX badge. So, what does the future hold for the TRX? As truck enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the return of the TRX, Ram's focus on delivering a next-gen TRX with enhanced power and performance is sure to keep the excitement alive in the high-performance pickup truck segment.


The Electric Possibility

As the automotive industry embraces the electric revolution, it's not far-fetched to imagine a TRX powered by an electric drivetrain. With various electric models in development, such as the plug-in-hybrid Ramcharger and the electric Ram 1500 REV, there is potential for a TRX variant boasting over 703 horsepower, surpassing the previous TRX iteration. The future of the TRX brings hope, with the possibility for an electric drivetrain that could boost the TRX to new heights, offering unsurpassed towing capacity and extreme performance in the high-performance pickup truck segment.


Pricing and Availability

The Ram RHO is set to hit the market in the third quarter of next year. As for pricing, Kuniskis has mentioned that it will be less expensive than the retired TRX, which started at $97,485. So, if you're excitedly waiting to get your hands on the all-new high-powered Ram truck, keep an eye out for updates on pricing as the release date approaches. Truck enthusiasts can anticipate the arrival of the Ram RHO in the market, offering a more affordable option with exceptional towing capacity and heavy-duty suspension, making it an enticing choice for those seeking a luxury truck with off-road capabilities.

ram 1500 rho

The Competition: Ford F-150 Raptor R

With the retirement of the TRX, the 700-horsepower Ford F-150 Raptor R now holds the title of the reigning off-road truck. Ram's decision to temporarily retire the TRX surely signals their intention to come back stronger than ever. As the automotive landscape evolves, we can expect fierce competition in the high-performance pickup truck segment. The retirement of the TRX has paved the way for intense competition in the high-performance pickup truck segment, with the 700-horsepower Ford F-150 Raptor R now taking the lead as the reigning off-road truck, prompting Ram to come back even stronger with future TRX iterations.



The retirement of the Ram TRX has paved the way for the introduction of the Ram RHO, a high-performance pickup truck that embraces a more efficient powertrain while retaining the off-road prowess of its predecessor. With the promise of exhilarating off-road adventures and the potential for future TRX iterations, Ram continues to captivate the hearts of truck enthusiasts worldwide.

Keep an eye out for the Ram RHO's arrival, as it heralds a new era for Ram trucks. The introduction of the Ram RHO marks a new chapter for Ram trucks, offering a more efficient powertrain while retaining the off-road prowess of its predecessor, promising truck enthusiasts exhilarating off-road adventures and the potential for future TRX iterations, solidifying Ram's position as a leader in the high-performance pickup truck segment.



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