185 kW and 380 N·m Ensure Best-in-Class Power Performance for the HONGQI HS3
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185 kW and 380 N·m Ensure Best-in-Class Power Performance for the HONGQI HS3

February 3,2024
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As a luxury automobile brand from China, HONGQI is set to launch its latest masterpiece model, the HONGQI HS3, in the Middle East. On this model, the 2.0T+8AT golden power combination guarantees outstanding power performance, better catering to the daily travel needs of Middle East users, who frequently embark on long-distance journeys.

hongqi hs3

The HONGQI HS3 is positioned as a refined and dynamic C-class SUV, offering a new choice for young people in the luxury SUV segment. The 2.0T engine on this model is designed with a focus on lightweight construction, utilizing aluminum. Additionally, the engine boasts a fuel injection pressure of up to 350 bar, ensuring more thorough combustion of fuel and gas.

With identical fuel consumption data, the HONGQI HS3 demonstrates higher fuel efficiency, promising increased power output. The HONGQI HS3's 2.0T engine has a maximum power of 185kW and a maximum torque of 380N·m. As a result, the model can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.9 seconds. Whether maneuvering through city streets or speeding through the desert, it provides the courage and excitement for the journey.

The HONGQI HS3 is equipped with an AISIN 8AT transmission. As a leader in the field of transmissions, AISIN distinguishes itself from other products with its smooth operation and high durability. It forms a golden power combination with the 2.0T engine, ensuring superior transmission efficiency and transforming handling into a delight. The smooth acceleration and deceleration make maneuvers easy for both novices and veterans.

Hongqi hs3

It is also surprising that the HONGQI HS3 features an active grille. A deflector is positioned at the front of the vehicle body to control the opening and closing of the grille louver blades based on sensor data. This technology actively closes the grille in low-temperature conditions at night, which can accelerate engine warming. While high-speed driving, it will also improve the overall vehicle's aerodynamic performance by closing the grille louver blades, allowing users to better enjoy the thrilling speed.

hongqi hs3

Exported to more than 24 countries and regions around the world, including the Middle East, Europe, and the Southeast Asia, the HONGQI brand provides sought-after models for users in these areas. In China, HONGQI cars have long been used as parade vehicles for major celebratory events, representing a flagship among China's luxury automobile brands.

In the Middle East, HONGQI has also gained significant recognition. Since entering this market in 2020, it has experienced nearly a tenfold growth in sales, indicating a remarkable leap-forward expansion. The HONGQI HS3 is set to start pre-sale in the first quarter of this year in Saudi Arabia, paving the way for its launch in this market. With the powerful performance of the HONGQI HS3, it is believed that it will not only provide young users with an extraordinary driving experience beyond expectations but also inject sustained vitality into HONGQI's development in the Middle East.


To learn more about HONGQI, please click here to visit the official HONGQI website and elevate your driving experience.

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