Al Habtoor Motors Unveils New Fleet of JAC Commercial Vehicles in the UAE
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Al Habtoor Motors Unveils New Fleet of JAC Commercial Vehicles in the UAE

May 27,2024
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jac commercial truck

With UAE enterprises cementing strong position across a multitude of industries, there has arisen a need for technically advanced, reliable, powerful and capable commercial vehicle solutions that can be deployed effectively to task without any hassle. To offer such solutions tailored for the diverse applications in the UAE, JAC through its sole distributor in the region, Al Habtoor Motors has introduced a spanking lineup of vehicles that can facilitate enormous growth.

The company had organized a special launch event at the Al Habtoor Grand Resort to showcase its gamut of light and heavy trucks to shed light on their innovative features, a thoughtfully designed interior cavity and the massive payload capacity that these tough vehicles are designed to haul. 

jac commercial truck

The heavy-duty trucks expand JAC’s commercial vehicle portfolio and complete its lineup with light-duty vehicles of Sunray and M4 minibuses. The nascent model-duo of PROMATE 2049 and WORKMATE 4146 are said to be designed and conceived to provide utmost care to the occupants’ varying needs and suit well to their everyday grind. 

The trucks come bristling with attributes such as a voluminous cabin, dashboard designed such that everything falls well into place facilitating easy reach for the driver and air suspension that can provide a sublime experience without lumpy ride and handling feedback. Air suspension can come handy especially on the rugged sections of industrial sites or when moving through slush and relief features.

jac commercial truck

Commercial vehicles are bulbous and to ensure smooth movement on any terrain, they require potent engines and slick-shifting well engineered gear ratios that allow the required power to unleash on the road surface while also ensuring respectable fuel-efficiency figures. Hence, JAC HCVs envelope superior engines and contemporary ratchet so as to provide a fillip to easy movement and reach destinations without the trucks feeling gruff or unwieldy. Such engine and transmission combination enable carrying tons of load through large distances comfortably.

To endure as much pummeling as possible, special heed has been lavished on their construction to bolster safety and efficiency and augment productivity to the highest levels. After all, better the result, better it is for the bottom line.

The doles of Chinese advancements in automotive sector have been strewn in the UAE too, with some of the most palatably designed and technically advanced cars making their entry to provide customers with ravishing value. Now, the same is anticipated to be experienced by professionals hankering for reliable business mobility solutions and wanting maximum work done at lesser costs and investment value while also yearning for nifty technology in such machines.
The brand now boasts of an extensive product offensive of vehicles designed not just for urban families and their adventurous outings, but also to provide a boost to their business processes. This strengthens the brand and its future in the Middle-East.

jac spokesperson

Karim Maksoud, Managing Director of Al Habtoor Motors, stated: “JAC Motors is renowned for its reliability and has proven to be an exceptional partner for Al Habtoor Motors. The advent of this latest range of Heavy Duty Vehicles, represents a significant leap forward in our commercial vehicles offerings in the market and advancement in technology. These vehicles are not just modes of transportation; they are innovations tailored to meet the diverse needs of industries across the UAE. Every aspect has been engineered to enhance performance and reliability, ultimately benefiting sectors such as construction, logistics and transportation.”


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