Enhancing Convenience with Next-Gen RTA Smart Kiosks In Dubai
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Enhancing Convenience with Next-Gen RTA Smart Kiosks In Dubai

By Ahmad Rashad Al Zeer
September 27,2023
2 min read



So, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has spruced up 32 smart kiosks. They've got all these fancy features and sleek modern designs.

Why, you ask? Well, it's all about making things super convenient for you. They want to make sure RTA services are on tap 24/7, for everyone - yep, including those with disabilities. It's all part of RTA's plan to make customers happy and keep things running smoothly.

smart koisk

Strategic Placement:

And get this, these smart kiosks are spread across 21 prime spots in Dubai. You'll find them at RTA HQ, customer happiness centers, main service hubs, and other crucial spots around the Emirate.

This whole project shows how RTA's all about using the latest tech to enhance your experience. It's right in line with the Dubai government's vision and the Hamdan bin Mohammed Smart Government Program. They're all about top-notch service, making you happy, and following global best practices.


Technological Advancements and Government Objectives:

Now, what can you do with these kiosks? Well, they're like a digital service buffet. We're talking 28 services! Think vehicle licenses, driver info, parking details, NOL cards, and revenue management stuff. And guess what? They're open all day, every day, just for you.

When it comes to paying, they've got options - cash, card, and you can even use NFC on your smartphone.


Launch and Success of the Project:

Oh, and these kiosks are smart cookies. They've got this cool feature that keeps an eye on how they're doing and keeps monitoring them. It's all about making sure they're running smoothly and giving you top-quality service, around the clock.

This whole kiosk upgrade project kicked off in 2021. They wanted to step up your digital service experience. And guess what? It's been a hit! People are loving it. So much so, they've added 8 new kiosks in 6 spots and upgraded 24 others. It's all about keeping you happy and making things easier. Cool, right?


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