How to Enroll in the Electronic License Plates Auction in Saudi Arabia:
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How to Enroll in the Electronic License Plates Auction in Saudi Arabia:

By Ahmad Rashad Al Zeer
September 17,2023
6 min read


مزاد اللوحات الإلكتروني السعودية

Steps to Subscribe to the Electronic License Plates Auction in Saudi Arabia:

Some car owners prefer to obtain distinctive license plates, which may bear a unique number or similar numbers. There are also plates with letters that refer to certain names or important events.

The Absher platform occasionally organizes electronic license plate auctions to enable everyone to acquire distinctive plates.

Car owners need to ensure the availability of a set of conditions first in order to participate in the electronic license plates auction through Absher. Therefore, YallaMotor website will provide you with the steps to participate in the electronic license plates auction and the main conditions before the launch of a new auction.

The Purpose of the Electronic License Plates Auction Service:

Firstly, it's worth noting that the electronic license plates auction service through the Absher platform allows citizens and residents to bid on plates (private, special transport, motorcycles).

مزاد اللوحات الإلكتروني السعودية

Now, we will detail the conditions that must be met to participate in the electronic auction and the steps to follow:

Conditions for Participating in the Electronic License Plates Auction:

Before starting to participate in the electronic license plates auction through Absher, you must first ensure the following conditions are met:

  1. Make sure to register through the Absher electronic platform and obtain a login password.
  2. Also, make sure to pay the electronic auction subscription fee through the available electronic payment service via Absher.
  3. In addition, those who have not paid their traffic fines can participate in the auction.
  4. You can also fully refund the auction fees you have paid.

Steps to Participate in the Electronic License Plates Auction:

Now, let's move on to the steps to participate in the electronic license plates auction. After confirming the announcement of a new auction through the official account of the Absher platform and the Traffic Department, you will need to follow these steps for successful participation:

  1. The first step is to log in through the Absher platform.
  2. Then click on 'Individual Services.'
  3. Also, log in, then click on 'My Services.'
  4. In addition, choose 'Traffic Services,' then click on 'Electronic License Plates Auction.

مزاد اللوحات الإلكتروني السعودية

How to Schedule an Appointment for the License Plates Auction via Absher:

The Traffic Department regularly announces electronic license plate auctions. Therefore, make sure to follow the announcement and then schedule an appointment for the license plates auction via Absher.

  1. Click on the link for the Absher electronic platform.
  2. Click on 'Absher Individual Services,' enter the username and password.
  3. Click on the 'Appointments' option, then click on 'Traffic Department.'
  4. Choose 'License Plates Electronic Auction.' Is the Deposit Refunded if You Do Not Win the Auction for the Plate?

One of the most frequently asked questions by those interested in participating in the electronic license plates auction is whether it's possible to refund the deposit paid at the beginning in case of not winning the plates.

Absher platform responded to this question, stating: 'Yes, the deposit is automatically refunded to your account after the auction ends if you do not win.'

New Saudi License Plates:

After outlining the steps and conditions for participating in the electronic license plates auction, we clarify that the Absher platform offers another service in this regard, which is a service related to requesting license plates bearing national logos.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had earlier launched a service last year to request distinctive license plates through the Absher electronic platform, which bear non-traditional logos, in coordination with the General Traffic Department in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The General Traffic Department in the Kingdom revealed the availability of 5 distinctive logos on license plates, which were designed and approved by the Ministry of Culture.

مزاد اللوحات الإلكتروني السعودية

Distinctive Plates with Logos in Saudi Arabia:

The new plates bear a range of non-traditional logos inspired by the history and heritage of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The logos introduced include:

  • The double swords and palm tree in black.
  • The Diriyah logo.
  • The Madain Saleh logo.
  • The Vision 2030 logo.

The Traffic Department explained that the service for electronic plates with distinctive logos is available to citizens and residents in the Kingdom.

This service started on February 21, 2022.

Conditions for Obtaining a Plate with a Distinctive Logo:

Now, we review the conditions for benefiting from the new Saudi license plates service, which must be met to complete the service without obstacles.

The conditions include the following points according to the official website of the 'Absher' platform:

  1. Ensure the payment of government fees through 'SADAD' channels.
  2. In addition, the old plate must be handed over to the traffic branch on the date specified for receiving the new plate.

How to Get a New Plate with a Distinctive Logo?

For those interested in obtaining a new license plate with Saudi logos, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Ministry of Interior's 'Absher' platform.
  2. Click on 'Traffic' from the 'My Services' tab.
  3. Click on 'Communicate.'
  4. Click on 'Request Plate with Logo.'

Then, you must pay the fee for a new license plate with logos, which is (800) SAR, paid once only.

مزاد اللوحات الإلكتروني السعودية

How to Apply for a New Car Plate with Saudi Logos

Alright, let's go through the step-by-step process for requesting those brand-new Saudi car plates through Absher:

  1. First things first, hop on over to the communication service provided by the General Traffic Department.
  2. Then, pick the department that matches up with your region. Easy peasy!
  3. Next up, select the "Request Plate with Logo" service from the sub-services. Just give it a click.
  4. You'll also need to type in the letters and numbers of the plate you want the logo printed on. Pop that info right into the request description field.
  5. Following that, jot down the name of the logo you're after, using the same format you see displayed.
  6. Don't forget to include the name of your city. That's where you'll be grabbing the new plate and handing over the old one.
  7. Finally, hit that submit button! And you're all set!


Important Instructions for the New Saudi License Plates Service:

The General Traffic Department emphasized some important instructions that must be taken into consideration:

  • Those who wish to benefit from the new plates service should ensure they write down the plate information they want to replace and specify the desired logo.
  • In addition, make sure to attach a copy of the payment receipt through the 'Absher' platform by selecting the attachments option


Absher Platform:

General Traffic Deoartment:

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