Is the MG RX5 the most value for money crossover on the market?
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Is the MG RX5 the most value for money crossover on the market?

February 22,2023
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mg rx5

One of the first MG cars we tested was the GT and the company had a very nice start to life on our channel. The GT impressed us with its exterior, interior and driving dynamics - and all this coupled with its price of 89,900 AED made the car quite an impressive package. 

This means that our hopes were very high for the RX5. The crossover showcases MG’s new design language which looks sporty as well as classy thereby appealing to the younger generation. 

The grille featuring gloss black and chrome looks quite premium. The sporty lip looks quite nice with bronze on it.

mg rx5

The headlights have a very attractive look with the chrome line from the grille splitting them into two. This coupled with the two-tone side mirror with indicators means the RX5 stands out on the road.

Just like the headlights, the chrome line also divides the rear lights and much of the rear of the car follows the whole design language of the front. Unlike most crossovers, the spoiler doesn’t shout about itself and blends very nicely with the whole car.

Our RX5 had the top-of-the-line Luxe package which gave it Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres and glossy alloy wheels. The Luxe package means that the seats are all leather and some very nice soft inserts. The whole interior gives the vibe that MG has spent a considerable amount of time working on it.


The 12.3” infotainment screen is good for the job and so are the 6 way adjustable movements, with Lumbar adjustment too. Some other cool features of the interior are the electric sunroof, auto dimming mirror, 14.1” HD Infotainment touchscreen with all the 21st Century stuff like Apple CarpPay, Android Auto, GPS, bluetooth and, of course, wireless phone charging.

The best thing about the interior are the back seats which are super spacious compared to the RX5’s peers. Usually, most crossovers we’ve tested have compromised on the rear seat experience but the RX5 scores on this aspect. 

Powered by a 1.5 liter turbo producing 171 horsepower and 275 Nm of torque and the car doesn’t lag at all - the powertrain does the job perfectly. The noise cancellation is not very top-notch and without any music, at highway speeds of around 120kph there is some not-very irritating noise. However, the Michelin tires are not at all noisy and help in reducing the noise.

The 7 Speed DCT is one we’re not very big fans of. Most of the cars produced in China, like the RX5, have DCT transmission and the RX5 becomes yet another car for which we’d love to have a torque converter for better responsiveness. While the DCT changes gears pretty quickly, at slow driving it is not smooth and exhibits turbo lag during short bursts of speed, but it still does the job well.


On the safety side of things, the RX5 is quite loaded with Hill Descent Control, Anti Roll Safety, Traction Control, Emergency Braking along with 65% high strength steel in the body structure which helps in mitigating the risk of impacts. MG also says that they have performed 500,000 lab bench tests and opened and closed the doors 120,000 times to see their sturdiness.

Overall, the RX5 is a very complete package with a handsome exterior, feature-loaded interior and lots of safety features and at 89,900 the RX5 provides bang for the buck. 



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