KIA Unveils The Electric EV5, Alongside two Concept EV Models
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KIA Unveils The Electric EV5, Alongside two Concept EV Models

October 19,2023
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kia ev

Kia has unveiled a duo of cutting-edge concept vehicles, broadening its horizon in the realm of future electric automobiles. The expansion encompasses a nimble compact SUV and a sleek battery-powered sedan, adding to Kia's electric repertoire.

This unveiling took center stage at Kia's 'EV Day' in its homeland, South Korea. Alongside these concepts, the production model of the forthcoming EV5, a compact electric SUV, made its debut. These three models will join the ranks alongside the EV6 hatch and the EV9, a robust full-size SUV, as Kia takes strides to fortify its electric vehicle lineup.

Kia's bold "EV for all" initiative is poised to usher in a substantial and swift expansion of its electric vehicle portfolio. These models will play pivotal roles in Kia's ambitious agenda to achieve an annual sale of one million electric vehicles by 2026, escalating to an impressive 1.6 million units per year by 2030. There's also speculation about a smaller car tailored for Europe, christened the EV2, on the horizon.


kia ev5

Initially designed for the Chinese market, the EV5's global availability has now been confirmed by Kia. Propelled by the E-GMP platform, this mid-sized electric SUV is projected to sport a 64 kWh battery pack and a 160 kW (251 horsepower) motor in its standard configuration. It boasts an estimated range of 530 km (330 miles) under China's CLTC test cycle.

For those seeking extended range, an augmented version of the EV5 will feature an 88 kWh battery, two electric motors for all-wheel-drive, and a combined output of 230 kW (308 hp), promising a target range of 650 km (404 miles). Thanks to the E-GMP platform's unique 800-volt operation, swift charging is on the table, filling the battery from 30 to 80 percent in just 27 minutes.


Introducing the high-octane EV5 GT, Kia promises an exhilarating driving experience, reminiscent of the formidable prowess exhibited by the current EV6 GT, boasting nearly 580 horsepower, a 0-60 mph sprint in a mere five seconds, and even a captivating "drift mode."

EV5 Interior

Stepping inside the EV5, one is greeted by a minimalist cabin housing a pair of 12.3-inch digital displays, elegantly aligned side by side. One serves as the driver's interface, while the other, a touchscreen, commands the infotainment system. Below, four discreet controls, aptly labeled by Kia as "hidden hard keys," govern the climate settings, replacing a labyrinth of 17 buttons.

In keeping with its EV6 counterpart, the EV5 boasts vehicle-to-load (V2L) capability, enabling its battery to power external devices, from camping gear to grid integration where the infrastructure permits.

Now, turning to the conceptual offerings, the EV3 emerges as a compact marvel, encapsulating the technology, utility, and design finesse of its flagship sibling, the EV9 SUV.


kia ev3

The EV3's design DNA closely aligns with the EV9, suggesting that the production version will echo today's concept. Striking features include a forward-leaning stance, a succinct hood, an elongated roofline, and a "robust body" sculpted with asymmetrical angles, squared wheel arches, and a distinctive C-pillar, culminating in an ethereal floating roof design.

Technical specifics for the EV3, and its kin, the EV4, are yet to be unveiled, but it's anticipated they'll share the versatile E-GMP platform. Inside, the EV3 mirrors the spacious layout and single infotainment display of the EV5, adorned with color-matched fabric gracing doors and dash.


kia ev4

Moving on to the EV4, this electric sedan concept is a potential contender to Tesla's domain. Kia dubs it "an entirely new type of EV saloon," embodying a beacon of innovation. Its distinguishing traits encompass a low-profile front, an elongated silhouette, and the angular aesthetics that have become Kia's signature EV style. Noteworthy are design elements reminiscent of sports and racing cars, including a subtle roof spoiler.

Within, the EV4 echoes the cabin blueprint of the EV3, featuring the same infotainment display and a harmonious interplay of fabric and ambient lighting. Foreseeably, the angular steering wheel may undergo refinement prior to production. Kia emphasizes that the streamlined cabin and simplified instrument panel are calibrated to foster focus and readiness.

kia ev4

Furthering this theme, the EV4 introduces 'Mind Modes,' a feature that modulates ambient lighting and animated ventilation patterns spanning the cabin's width. Modes like 'Perform' and 'Serenity' tailor the ambiance to suit the mood, creating a serene space for reflection and rejuvenation.

As for the nitty-gritty—performance, pricing, and availability—Kia remains mum on these aspects for both the EV3 and EV4 concepts. However, given its aspiration to unleash one million EVs annually within three years, it's safe to say we won't be waiting long for the production iterations to join the illustrious ranks of Kia's lineup.



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