Meet The New 2025 800 HP Ford Mustang GTD with a price of $300K
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Meet The New 2025 800 HP Ford Mustang GTD with a price of $300K

August 20,2023
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Unleashing the Roaring Beast: The Story of the 2025 Ford Mustang GTD

From Vision to Reality: Birth of a Road-Going Beast

ford mustang gtd

Alright, so picture this: Jim Farley, the big cheese at Ford, strolls into the design studio and lays eyes on the clay model of the Ford Mustang GT3 race car. Ding! A light bulb goes off in his head – why not take this bad boy and turn it into a road beast? And that's how the 2025 Ford Mustang GTD was born, born from the dream of dominating Le Mans with a Mustang. It's like the road-going cousin of Ford's upcoming track warrior, getting ready to first rock the 24 Hours of Daytona and then strut its stuff at Le Mans.

No racing rules holding it back – this GTD street version is all about flexing some serious muscle (we're talking around 800 horses, folks) and flaunting active aerodynamics that would make racing officials shake their heads in disbelief. Ford's got its gears turning to whip up just a handful of these street-legal GTDs, aiming to unleash this supercharged 'Stang to take on the slickest track machines worldwide.

And let's hear it from Farley himself, “Imagine AMG Black, Aston Martin, Porsche GT3 RS. We're gunning to outshine that GT3 RS not only on the Le Mans stage but also on the daily roads.”

Inside the Cockpit: High-Tech Marvels and Exquisite Touches

ford mustang gtd

Now, get ready for the visual spectacle that is the 2025 Ford Mustang GTD. It's the result of a beautiful collaboration between Ford Performance and Multimatic. This GTD starts as a regular Mustang canvas, rolling off the lines in Flat Rock, Michigan, and embarks on a journey north to Ontario, Canada – the land of Multimatic wizardry.

The rear end of the Mustang transforms to make space for the GTD's transaxle, home to a Tremec eight-speed dual-clutch transmission. Topping it off, a transaxle cooler keeps things frosty. The secrets of the trunk space beneath these additions remain teasingly concealed.

The transaxle swoops in, connecting with the front-mounted engine through a carbon-fibre prop shaft, orchestrating a symphony of weight distribution. Ford boasts about nearly an even 50/50 balance between front and rear, a dance that stands tall compared to the Shelby GT500’s more lopsided 56.6/43.4 per cent split.

ford mustang gtd

It's like a three-way dance – Ford Performance, Multimatic, and Mustang GTD. The final weight of the GTD remains a mystery for now – Ford is keeping that tidbit close. All except the aluminium door skins are decked out in carbon fibre, crafting a bodywork masterpiece.

Now, you might be pondering those tempting carbon fibre panels like those on the GT supercar. The idea flits around like a butterfly, but the complexity and potential wallet damage might just nudge this concept out of the limelight.

Unleashing the Power: Heart and Performance of the GTD

ford mustang gtd

And let's talk heartbeat – the GTD pulses with a pumped-up version of the Shelby GT500's supercharged 5.2-litre V-8. In GTD form, this beast should be churning out around 800 horsepower – a nice jump from the GT500's 760 horses – and hitting a redline of 7500 rpm.

The heart stays in place thanks to a dry-sump oil system, even with this tweak. And it belts out a melodic tune through a titanium exhaust by Akrapovic, letting loose from twin flamboyant pipes peeking out from the back end.

When it comes to hitting the ground running, the GTD probably packs a launch-control trick up its sleeve, ready to make the most of those massive 345/30ZR-20 Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R rear tires. The front, on the other hand, rocks 325/30ZR-20 rubber, some of the widest treads ever seen on a production car's front end.

Crafting Performance: Suspension, Balance, and Handling

ford mustang gtd

Now, the real artistry happens in the suspension arena. A custom suspension setup partners with the tire grip, with Multimatic's adaptive spool-valve (ASV) dampers taking centre stage alongside a novel unequal-length control-arm front suspension. The back end, meanwhile, pulls off a smooth tango with an inboard-mounted ASV damper and coil springs, all held together by a pushrod-style multilink arrangement.

Enter the forged aluminium wheels, taking the lead in the dance, while even lighter forged magnesium wheels beckon with a sultry twist, a tantalizing option for shedding weight. The GTD's brakes are no small affair, hidden behind gigantic carbon-ceramic brake rotors discreetly nestled within the wheel wells. Don't worry, the cooling ducts make sure they keep their cool.

Aerodynamics Unleashed: Sculpting the GTD's Visual Symphony

ford mustang gtd

And then, we get to the aerodynamics game. With a tap of a button, the GTD's stance gracefully dips about 1.6 inches, showing off its aerodynamic prowess. And there it is – the iconic wing, extending its hug from the C-pillar. But this wing has a trick up its sleeve, hydraulic wizardry called active drag-reduction system (DRS), working its magic to crank up downforce when needed.

Ventilation vents on the front fenders and hood look like they've been borrowed from a Le Mans veteran's playbook. And for those after the ultimate aero package, Ford's got a carbon-fibre underbelly in store, complete with hydraulically-controlled, active front flaps.

So, when you see the GTD up close, prepare for a shock of width – those aggressive fenders and a four-inch wider track give it a stance that makes its approximately $300,000 price tag seem worth every penny. It's like Arnold Schwarzenegger next to the Shelby GT500's Danny DeVito.

ford mustang gtd

Unfortunately, peeking into the prototype's windows doesn't reveal much, but a hint of the Mustang's high-tech gauges, infotainment screens, and a pair of racing-style Recaro seats catch your eye. But there's no room for backseat drivers here. And don't miss the fancy extras, like a 3-D printed rotary shifter and shift paddles crafted from titanium strands from a Lockheed Martin F-22.

It's the big reveal – the 2025 Ford Mustang GTD is still a year away from the stage, with Ford planning a limited run of 1000 to 2000 of these mean machines. Take it to the bank, Ford's grand finale will leave no seat empty.

FAQ: 2025 Ford Mustang GTD

-How powerful is the GTD compared to the GT500?

The GTD boasts around 800 horsepower, a step up from the Shelby GT500 with 760 horsepower.

-What is the production plan for the GTD?

Ford plans to create a limited batch of 1000 to 2000 Ford GTDs, ensuring exclusivity.

-What is the engine size of the 2025 Ford Mustang GTD?

The Mustang GTD is powered by a 5.2-litre V8 supercharged engine, that would produce about 800 horsepower.


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