OMODA, The Metaverse's future Vehicle for Young UAE Users
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OMODA, The Metaverse's future Vehicle for Young UAE Users

July 4,2023
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Chery Omoda car

OMODA, a renowned international brand, has successfully introduced its initial vehicle, the OMODA C5, in numerous countries and regions across the globe. Presently, it has been unveiled in Kuwait and Qatar within the Middle East, with plans for upcoming launches in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Previously, OMODA conducted a series of live-streaming events at its global headquarters, focusing on the distinctive attributes and research and development concept of the OMODA C5. This livestream provided an overview of the global promotional strategy for the first vehicle in the OMODA C5 series.

During the livestreaming session, Ms. Lilian Xiong, the Marketing Director, emphasized the significance of OMODA C5's introduction in the UAE as a crucial milestone in OMODA's global expansion strategy. She further expressed that the OMODA C5 will revolutionize the travel experience by delivering a new level of intelligent features for users across all countries and regions within the Middle East in the near future.


OMODA, a pioneering brand that embraces the vibrant lifestyle of global hipsters, has its origins in the integration of virtual cars from the Metaverse into tangible reality.

Through sharp market analysis, the OMODA team discovered that the notion of "CROSS" has emerged as the latest trend among young individuals.

This concept encompasses the blending of identities and roles not only across various scenarios but also across the realms of the virtual and physical worlds, which would align perfectly with the principles of parallel universes and the Metaverse in the field of physics, offering a space for diverse forms of self-expression.

Exterior Design

OMODA has been engineered with advanced technology to transcend the conventional limitations of the physical world. By predicting future trends, OMODA aims to cultivate a sense of cutting-edge innovation and belonging that resonates with the distinctive characteristics of the new generation. The brand’s actions create an environment that fosters a seamless fusion of pioneering technology and individuality, catering to the needs and aspirations of the modern era.

OMODA C5, a new vehicle that combines the merits of various automobile classes, is crafted with a cross-platform or cross-functional approach to enhance the joy of driving. Developed by the OMODA research and development team under the innovative design philosophy of "Art in motion," this exceptional CROSSOVER-style SUV displays a visually captivating sliding-back design. By incorporating this futuristic technology, OMODA C5 caters to the preferences of youthful users, aligning seamlessly with their dynamic persona.

Interior & Infotainment System

In addition to its captivating exterior, OMODA C5 prides itself on its impressive array of intelligent technological features. It showcases a 10.25-inch dual-screen display, a cutting-edge 4.0 ADAS system with 16 functions, and an intelligent cabin featuring 64-color ambient lighting.

These advancements provide a remarkable sense of futuristic technology and a fashionable driving experience. Notably, the 4.0 ADAS system positions OMODA C5 as a leader in its class. Alongside standard features like adaptive cruise control (ACC), lane-keeping assist, and autonomous emergency braking, OMODA C5 is equipped with a driver monitoring system (DMS), setting a new benchmark in its segment and rivaling the technological configuration found in premium vehicles.

Engine & Performance

When it comes to the powertrain, OMODA C5 delivers a creditable performance that rivals that of the 2.0T model. It harnesses the strong capabilities of the 1.6TGDI engine, enabling it to generate an impressive maximum power of 145kW and a peak torque of 290NM. This power is efficiently transmitted through the Getrag 7DCT transmission, which is also utilized in the BMW X1. The fusion of the 1.6TGDI engine and the 7DCT transmission empowers OMODA C5 to achieve an exhilarating driving experience, with acceleration from 0 to 100km accomplished in under 8 seconds.

Furthermore, as the original vehicle released by its parent company on a global scale, OMODA C5 has undergone thorough local adaptability development to adhere to the regulatory requirements of numerous countries, ensuring it meets the demands of users worldwide.

Safety Features 

Notably, in terms of safety, a significant portion of the OMODA C5's body, approximately 78%, is constructed using ultra-high strength steel, while an additional 10.71% is composed of thermo-forming steel, boasting an impressive maximum strength of 1800MPa.

This robust construction significantly enhances the structural integrity of the vehicle. Furthermore, OMODA C5 has undergone rigorous testing in extreme scenarios across the globe, enabling it to meet and surpass the stringent safety assessment standards set by reputable collision evaluation institutions worldwide.


OMODA C5, the pioneering Chinese automobile offering from the OMODA team, is specifically designed to cater to the global market. It encompasses five key advantages on a global scale: global research and development, adherence to global standards, uncompromising global quality, extensive global recognition, and widespread global availability. With these advantages, OMODA C5 emerges as an innovative mode of transportation that surpasses conventional constraints and anticipates future technologies.

Presently, OMODA is diligently expanding the presence of OMODA C5 in diverse markets, actively shaping a fashionable and cutting-edge lifestyle for young users across the globe. In the near future, OMODA C5 will soon be introduced to users in the UAE, further extending its reach to meet the demands of discerning individuals in that region.

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