Petrolheads, assemble: Lamborghini’s new hybrid twin-turbo V8 will rev to 10,000rpm
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Petrolheads, assemble: Lamborghini’s new hybrid twin-turbo V8 will rev to 10,000rpm

May 26,2024
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lamborghini v10

Lamborghini stopped production of its sonorous 5.2-litre V10 with the end of the Huracan. Long live the V10.


The V10’s successor has some big boots to fill. However, if the first bits of juicy information is anything to go by then the V10’s successor will do just that. And then some.


Lamborghini has revealed that an all-new hybrid 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 will replace the iconic V10 and have a redline of 10,000 rpm. Yes. TEN THOUSAND RPM.


Mad, isn’t it? But then again, its Lamborghini we’re talking about here. The flat-plane V8 will be aided by a trio of rear-mounted electric motors and have a “hot-vee” configuration. The turbos will sit nicely in the valley between cylinder banks.

lamborghini v10 engine

With this new engine at the heart of the Huracan’s successor, Lambo claims that the new supercar will ‘surpass’ the Huracan range in terms of performance and ‘driving emotion’. The engine will be mated to the gearbox found in the Revuelto PHEV.


739 horsepower is the figure quoted by Lamborghini for the V8. For context, the most powerful Huracan had 631 horsepower. The arrival of this hybrid V8 marks a new chapter for Lamborghini. It's a testament to the brand's unwavering commitment to innovation while staying true to its core values of power, performance, and sheer driving thrill.


With the V10 bowing out, petrolheads will soon look towards the used car market for pre-owned Huracans and maybe even Gallardos. YallaMotor is the ideal place to buy used car in UAE (and even selling) in the UAE. Do check our used car section.

lamborghini v10 engine



  1. What makes Lamborghini's new hybrid twin-turbo V8 engine special?


Lamborghini's latest creation stands out for its groundbreaking hybrid twin-turbo V8 configuration, boasting a remarkable redline of 10,000 rpm. This engine represents a paradigm shift for Lamborghini.


  1. How does Lamborghini ensure the driving experience remains thrilling with the new engine?


Despite advancements in hybrid technology, Lamborghini remains committed to delivering an exhilarating driving experience synonymous with the brand. The marriage of the hybrid V8 engine with a specially designed gearbox ensures seamless power delivery and dynamic performance, captivating enthusiasts with every twist of the throttle.


  1. When can we expect to see this new engine in action?


While Lamborghini has not provided a specific timeline for the release of its new hybrid twin-turbo V8 engine, anticipation among enthusiasts is running high. Keep an eye on Lamborghini's official channels for updates and announcements regarding the launch of this groundbreaking powertrain.


  1. Will the new engine be available in all Lamborghini models?


Lamborghini has yet to confirm if the new hybrid twin-turbo V8 engine will be seen in models apart from the Huracan’s successor. However, given the brand's penchant for pushing the boundaries of performance, it's likely that the engine will find its way into future iterations of Lamborghini's flagship supercars, further cementing the marque's legacy of automotive excellence.

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