The Audi RS6 Avant GT Breaks Cover
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The Audi RS6 Avant GT Breaks Cover

February 14,2024
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What happens when a marque goes extreme? A surreal amalgamation of physics and aesthetics into a package that exudes emotion and thrill. Every certain period of time, manufacturers commission their most intelligent boffins to create a limited-run work of art that can depict the plenary capabilities of a brand and offer something different from the perfunctory model lineup.

Something similar has been done by Audi. It has taken its revered RS6 Avant as the base product and produced a contraption that looks the part with tasteful design nuances and mechanical rejigs. Say hello to the Audi RS6 Avant GT. The product is the result of alchemy executed by 12 apprentices working under departments such as bodywork, vehicle construction, automotive mechanicals, automotive painting and tooling under the patronage of Audi Design team. To create a contraption that fused modern engineering with a classic legend, the apprentices studied the Audi 90 Quattro IMSA GTO from 1989.


Also based on the RS6 GTO concept of 2020, the car distinguishes itself from the standard performance model by plonking bits such as air intakes embellished in high-gloss black, a redesigned grille and a portly splitter to emanate aggression. To gain weight advantage, the hood has been rehashed and finished in carbon-fibre. Further, for efficiency in aerodynamics, the air outlets have been positioned behind 22-inch wheels that perform dual task of cooling the brakes down and improve wind resistance. In a first for the brand, the fenders are made completely from carbon-fibre. 

For an even more in-your-face look, the tailgate has been lowered and features black RS6 GT lettering on it. However, Audi has relinquished roof rails for this car. Tantalising colours with decals are on offer with the RS6 Avant GT. First up, the Arkona White finish can be coupled with hues of black, gray and red. With this package, high-gloss white ornate will be found on the wheels. Another combination of black and gray decals can be opted for with Nardo Gray and Mythos Black colours.


For the interior, the RS6 Avant GT gets the RS design package which entails numerous appliques in combination of red and copper around the steering wheel stitching, side area of centre console, door and centre armrests and floor mats with RS6 GT naming. The seats also feature this naming embossed on them around the headrest area. Sportiness is further spouted by Dinamica black micro-fibre enveloping the armrests and centre-console. An obvious giveaway is the crimson red vibe for the seat belts. 

While cosmetic bits only tell the story on the surface, it’s what lies beneath the skin which matters to most. Harnessing a 4.0-litre TFSI engine under the hood, the car churns out a breathtaking 630 PS and 850 Nm of torque to gallop to a ton in just 3.3 seconds, making it 0.3 seconds quicker than a standard RS6 Avant. 200 Km/h comes up in just 11.5 seconds, making it 0.5 seconds more rapid than its lower sibling. The car hits a top speed of 305 Km/h. 

With great power, comes great responsibility. To keep the car in control at all times, the power is channeled to the brand’s legendary Quattro All-wheel drive system. It’s locking differential is designed to balance power in a 40:60 (front:rear) ratio. However, when in need of more traction, about 70% can be sent to the front axle and 85% to the rear. Specifically to the RS6 GT, rear bias can be achieved in Dynamic mode. Further aiding dynamics is a standard adjustable air suspension, which can lower the ride by 10mm. However, if that isn’t a deal-maker, then customers can select the Dynamic Ride Control package or RS adaptive air suspension for even greater degree of nimbleness. 

Though this is a high-performance touring machine, Audi hasn’t given up on saving the environment. The car is hand-built alongside the R8, e-Tron GT Quattro and RS e-Tron GT in Neckarsulm. The facility where the car is built is carbon neutral. Further, Audi uses green electricity and heat from inexhaustible sources. 

The RS6 Avant GT is a special car and being built along with its iconic brethren, is a testament to that. Combining unique livery, fancy and nifty electricals and an engine that has soul, the RS6 Avant GT should be on the cards for aristocratic petrolheads. 660 units then, should be sold as fast as it accelerates from nought to 60!


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