The New 2024 Toyota Century SUV: Luxury and Performance Unveiled
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The New 2024 Toyota Century SUV: Luxury and Performance Unveiled

September 11,2023
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2024 toyota century

Many of you are interested in knowing the price of the new 2024 Toyota Century SUV, a model that Toyota officially launched in the Japanese market. It is considered the most luxurious car of the brand due to its sophisticated touches and capabilities. We will learn more about it in the following lines.

Speaking of the new 2024 Toyota Century SUV, it is one of the most luxurious Japanese cars, if not the most luxurious of all. In previous years, it was offered in its sedan version. However, the new SUV version of the 2024 Toyota Century equals the luxury of the famous British Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

To begin with, before knowing the price of the new 2024 Toyota Century SUV, you should be aware that it is the most expensive car ever compared to all Toyota models, thanks to its capabilities and luxury, making it the most luxurious among the brand's models.

2024 toyota century

The starting price of the new 2024 Toyota Century SUV is $170,000, which is equivalent to 637,000 Saudi Riyals before taxes. Toyota plans to produce a limited number of its luxury cars, aiming to produce only 30 units per month, totaling 360 cars per year.

In addition, the 2024 Toyota Century SUV is exclusively designated for the Japanese Emperor, senior officials, and businessmen. Despite the exclusive numbers produced by Toyota for this car, the company intends to introduce its new car in global markets. Toyota is scheduled to reveal details of the markets where the new luxury car will be available.

In this regard, after reviewing the completely new and most luxurious 2024 Toyota Century SUV for the Japanese brand, we can now go over some specifications of the 2024 Toyota Century, starting from the exterior design all the way to the interior.

Exterior Specs of the 2024 Toyota Century

2024 toyota century

Upon first glance, the 2024 Toyota Century SUV stands out as a truly unique car. It is handcrafted to ensure quality and professionalism in every detail, both externally and internally.

The Toyota Century 2024 exudes luxury from its bold front end to the carefully placed phoenix emblem on various parts of the exterior and interior.

The Japanese car features meticulous craftsmanship, especially evident in its massive front grille resembling beehive cells, with the phoenix emblem positioned exclusively on the Century model.

2024 toyota century

The car is equipped with modern, luxurious headlights that combine style and elegance. The Century has four horizontally split front and rear headlights, along with a medium-sized lower grille.

The car's sides feature distinctive lines on the engine cover, and the door handles and side mirrors match the body color. The wheels have a unique and attractive design, accompanied by electric side steps that deploy when entering and exiting the vehicle.

2024 toyota century

At the rear, the Toyota Century 2024 comes with electric rear doors that can be opened to a 75-degree angle. Toyota offers the option of electrically sliding rear doors, similar to minivans.

Dimensions of the 2024 Toyota Century SUV:

- Length: 5,205 mm

- Width: 1,930 mm

- Height: 1,505 mm

- Weight: Approximately 2,570 kg

- Wheelbase Length: 3,090 mm

Interior of the 2024 Toyota Century SUV:

2024 toyota century

Moving on to the interior of the 2024 Toyota Century SUV, you'll notice that it is the most luxurious ever produced by the Japanese brand. It is equipped with high-end technology that complements its status as a luxury vehicle.

The Century 2024 is based on the "TNGA" platform, which distinguishes Toyota vehicles. The Japanese manufacturer opted to provide more spacious areas in the car. As a result, the SUV can comfortably accommodate four passengers instead of the usual five seats.

2024 toyota century

You can observe that the luxury SUV features comfortable seats, which offer various adjustments including electric modifications, heating, and cooling. This is evident in the images of the 2024 Toyota Century.

The rear seats are fully reclining, allowing passengers in the back to fully relax. This is facilitated by handles on the C-pillars, making it easier to enter and exit the rear seats of the luxury car.

The cabin is equipped with transparent armored glass installed on the cargo space divider, ensuring complete relaxation for passengers in the fully reclining seats without being affected by any noise from the cargo area.

2024 toyota century

Additionally, the car offers a rear comfort mode that distributes driving and braking force in a way that doesn't disturb rear passengers. It also has electronically deployable side steps and rear doors that open at a 75-degree angle.

Regarding the car's interior technology, it plays a significant role in determining the price of the 2024 Toyota Century SUV. The cabin is equipped with a high level of entertainment, especially for second-row passengers. The entertainment screens and wireless chargers are available. The car also supports features like Apple CarPlay and other amenities.

Engine Specs of the 2024 Toyota Century SUV:

As for the specifications of the 2024 Toyota Century SUV engine, the car derives its power from a 6-cylinder, 3.5-liter plug-in hybrid engine, producing 406 horsepower.

The luxurious Japanese Century shares its engine with the new Lexus TX. The car operates with an all-wheel drive (AWD) system. With these specifications, the car is expected to deliver high performance that matches the price and capabilities of the 2024 Toyota Century SUV.



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