Toyota’s New Plans for EVs and BEVs: A Step Towards a Greener Future
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Toyota’s New Plans for EVs and BEVs: A Step Towards a Greener Future

December 5,2023
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Toyota New Electric Cars


Toyota, the leading car manufacturer in the world, is preparing for a greener and cleaner future by proposing bold plans involving EVs and BEVs. Toyota pledges to reduce carbon emissions and the rise of zero-emission cars for the European market. Now it is time to see Toyota’s trajectory toward carbon-free emissions, its expanding battery electric car lineup, and the company’s views regarding eco-friendly operations.

Toyota will offer six battery-electric vehicles in Europe from 2026 and sell more than 250,000 battery-powered vehicles per year in Europe from that time onward. According to the organization, the vehicles should also account for about 25% of the region’s new car sales by 2026.

Additionally, Toyota demonstrated two more concepts of models intended for European sales in 2020 and later. First, one was a concept model for a small, battery-powered SUV expected to be launched in Europe in 2024, and another was a concept model for a future sports crossover model due to be released in 2025.

Toyota is targeting sales of 1.5 million battery-powered vehicles a year globally by 2026.

Toyota Electric Cars - EVs and BEVs

Toyota's Path Towards Carbon Neutrality:

Last year, Toyota Motor Europe (TME) announced its intention to become carbon-neutral in Europe within 22 years. To this end, Toyota will seek to realize Scope 1 & 2 carbon neutrality in European operations and manufacturing by 2030. Besides, Toyota is aiming to achieve 100% CO2 reduction of new vehicles by 2035 and full carbon neutrality in the value chain and logistics by 2040. Toyota is already using hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks on some important logistics routes in this regard as it embarks on a journey to a greener future.

Expanding the Battery Electric Vehicle Portfolio:

Yoshihiro Nakata, the president and CEO of Toyota Motor Europe, says Toyota should increase the number of zero-emission cars. The ratio of electrified Toyotas in Europe presently is 71%, and it is predicted to rise to 75% by 2024. With the aim of a greener tomorrow, Toyota will launch around 15 zero-emission vehicles bearing the Toyota badge in Europe by 2026. It will comprise several models of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, with the projected turnover exceeding a quarter of a million units. Toyota’s European BEV mix must exceed 20% by 2026 to demonstrate its commitment to environmentally friendly mobility.

Toyota's Hydrogen Strategy:

However, Toyota also emphasizes hydrogen technology in addition to battery-electric vehicles. The hydrogen strategy of the company includes different sectors, such as passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Toyota is in the passenger car segment with its Mirai and newly launched Crown. Moreover, the TME’s Hydrogen Factory Europe incorporates fuel cell technology into trucks, buses, cars, boats, and even pick-ups among others. Toyota will also introduce a third generation of fuel cell systems into Europe’s market, aiming to decarbonize the continent’s mobility.

Toyota New Electric Sports Car FT-Se

Toyota’s Electric Super Car: The FT-Se

The specs on Toyota’s new FT-Se are impressive, and everyone is excited about the car. The FT-Se measures 172 inches in length, 75 inches wide, and just 48 inches high, which is nearly the same length as the current Toyota GR Supra that runs on gasoline, although its profile is wider and lower. The new batteries of lower height but high energy density that are employed in this design make it this sleek. Although not directly mentioned, the development of solid-state battery chemistry by Toyota suggests that this may be integrated into that niche model.

The successor of the Sports EV concept that Toyota presented at the end of 2021 as part of plans to deploy 30 new EVs worldwide before 2030 is the F-Tse. It is claimed that Toyota is experimenting with an internal combustion engine characteristic simulation for electric sports cars, like engine noise and even stalling sensations. All these efforts show a genuine driving experience.

Toyota New electric Car- Concept Sports EV FT-Se

Toyota's Paris 2024 Legacy:

Toyota, as the world mobility partner of the IOC and IPC, will continue to support the provision of a sustainable mode of transport during the Paris 2024 Olympics. The company expects as many as ten hydrogen applications to run throughout the event. These include over 2650 electrified vehicles in a passenger vehicle fleet and 700 electric last-mile mobility solutions. Importantly, Toyota will launch 250 accessible people movers (APM) that target the needs of individuals.


The new EV and BEV plans of Toyota are a green step towards the future. The company is setting itself up to exploit the increasing desire for electrical vehicles across Europe and globally. Toyota has set its eyes on selling 1.5 million hybrid-powered cars by 2026 as it attempts to move toward a sustainable future. Another interesting development from Toyota is the FT-Se, which demonstrates its willingness to move forward while maintaining a green approach.


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