Unveiling Ineos Fusilier: The Future of 4x4 Evolution with Hybrid Finesse
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Unveiling Ineos Fusilier: The Future of 4x4 Evolution with Hybrid Finesse

February 26,2024
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Ineos introduces the Fusilier, a compact 4x4 throwback embracing EV or hybrid prowess, reminiscent of the classic Land Rover Defender, yet exuding a sleeker aesthetic coupled with battery innovation.

  • Ineos Fusilier: A compact 4x4, blending classic Defender vibes with modern sleekness and electric power.
  • Power Dynamics: EV and range-extender options, a nod to off-road prowess in regions with power challenges.
  • Structural Shifts: From aerodynamic design evolution to Magna's craftsmanship, Fusilier redefines the 4x4 landscape.

ineos fusilier

Craftsmanship Unveiled:

This novel SUV from Ineos steps onto the scene flaunting either hybrid or EV capabilities, standing smaller than its predecessor, the Grenadier, and adopting a distinct platform. Anticipated for a 2027 release, though specifics remain somewhat shrouded in mystery.


While the Ineos Grenadier is only just gracing UAE drivers, and the kindred Quartermaster pickup awaits its debut, the fledgling SUV manufacturer unfurls yet another model. The Fusilier, slated for a 2027 market entry, emerges as both an EV and a plug-in hybrid, boasting a range-extender powertrain.

Design Evolution:

These initial glimpses affirm the Fusilier's design lineage, mirroring the boxy Grenadier inspired by the venerable Land Rover Defender. A more aerodynamic profile takes center stage, featuring a smoother front end and a subtly inclined windshield. Ineos hints at active radiator grille shutters for the production version.

ineos fullier

Downsizing compared to the Grenadier, the Fusilier spans 178 inches, a trim 13 inches less. Farewell to the ladder frame chassis; instead, it perches on a unique battery skateboard, marrying steel and aluminum in its structure. Manufactured by Magna in Austria, the same craftsmen behind the Mercedes G-Class, Jaguar I-Pace, and Fisker Ocean, with prior engineering contributions to the Grenadier.

Powertrain Innovation: Electric Prowess and Range-Extender

At its core, the Fusilier embodies an EV essence, propelled by electric motors on each axle. Yet, a twist awaits as Ineos unveils a range-extender variant. Here, an onboard gasoline engine transforms into a generator, reviving the battery on the go. No direct mechanical link to the wheels – a nod to the discontinued Chevrolet Volt and BMW i3. While the auto industry shifts away from this 'series hybrid' concept, it grants the Fusilier viability in regions with erratic power supply.

Structural Revolution: From Ladder Frame to Battery Skateboard

Ineos remains tight-lipped about the range-extender's gasoline engine details, but speculation leans towards an established automaker, given the Grenadier's reliance on BMW six-cylinder powerplants. Hungary crafts the battery pack, targeting a 248-mile EV range per Europe's WLTP test; though, EPA estimates might hover around 200 miles. The range-extender's battery, roughly two-thirds the size of the full EV counterpart, promises a substantial electric-only range.

ineos fullier

While Ineos affirms the Fusilier's commitment to off-road prowess, there's a subtle pivot towards lifestyle users seeking a more user-friendly ride. Noteworthy is the shift from Grenadier's recirculating ball steering to a conventional rack and pinion system, signaling adaptability for varied preferences.


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