With the HONGQI HS3 Pre-sale Price Starting from 109,900 SAR, the Middle East Has Welcomed the Most Powerful Entry-Level Luxury SUV
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With the HONGQI HS3 Pre-sale Price Starting from 109,900 SAR, the Middle East Has Welcomed the Most Powerful Entry-Level Luxury SUV

February 17,2024
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On February 15th, 2024, HONGQI, China's top luxury car brand, held a unique pre-sale event for its C-class SUV, the HS3, at Riyadh's Boulevard City, officially kick-starting the launch of the HONGQI HS3 in the Middle East. With the pre-sale price of the HONGQI HS3 starting from 109,900 SAR, the sincere price and excellent product power are undoubtedly attractive to the younger generation of consumers in the Middle East.

Hongqi hs3 car

Riyadh's Boulevard City is one of the most distinctive neighborhoods in Saudi Arabia, encompassing a variety of themes such as music, art, and cuisine, attracting a large number of tourists from around the world annually to visit and explore. Currently, during the grand Riyadh Season, the area is bustling and extraordinarily lively. 

During the pre-sale event, the HONGQI HS3 lit up the matrix big screens along Boulevard City, drawing countless pedestrians to stop and watch, making it the undisputed highlight of the neighborhood. As the big screen countdown of 3, 2, 1 concluded, the HONGQI HS3 beneath was revealed, removing its veil of mystery. Its young and fashionable exterior design earned unanimous praise from the guests present.

hongqi hs3

The HS3 is an exquisitely dynamic SUV product meticulously crafted by HONGQI, featuring a stylish exterior design, superior space dimensions, powerful performance, advanced intelligent features, and comprehensive safety protections. It is designed to fully meet the daily driving needs of young individuals and families in the Middle East.

As the latest masterpiece from HONGQI, the HS3 builds upon the brand's familial design language with a greater focus on detail, embodying a fashion-forward, dynamic, and exquisite product design that aligns with the aesthetic preferences of the younger generation in the Middle East. 

With its substantial dimensions of 4655mm in length, 1900mm in width, and 1668mm in height, the HS3 not only presents a more prestigious and imposing appearance but also offers more space. Its extra-long wheelbase of 2770mm surpasses that of its competitors in the same class. The youthful and stylish exterior design of the HS3, combined with its superior spatial dimensions, promises to deliver you a more comfortable driving and riding experience.

hongqi hs3

The HS3 is equally impressive in terms of its power. It is equipped with a 2.0T engine that delivers a maximum power of 185kW and a peak torque of 380N·m, enabling users to get on future journeys easily. Featuring an AISIN 8-speed automatic transmission, it not only smooths out the driving experience but also enhances durability, perfectly complementing the 2.0T engine and offering users exceptional handling pleasure.

In terms of intelligent features, the HS3 also presents many surprises for users. With its AVM (Around View Monitor) function, controlling various road conditions becomes effortlessly manageable. The automatic parking feature simplifies complex parking and exiting maneuvers with just a simple gesture. Moreover, SACC (Senior Adaptive Cruise Control) can automatically accelerate, decelerate, follow the car in front, and even steer automatically, greatly reducing fatigue on long drives.

It's noteworthy that the HS3 is dedicated to providing comprehensive safety protection for every user. Its high-strength safety body improves its impact resistance by 30% compared to standard vehicles, making it capable of withstanding 360-degree collisions. Equipped with six standard airbags and pretensioned seatbelts, the HS3 can mitigate the impact on passengers in unexpected situations, ensuring a safer journey for every user.

hongqi hs3

On the day of the pre-sale launch, HONGQI, China's top luxury car brand, also made a significant appearance at the Middle East's grandest fashion event—the Ball of Arabia. As an annual gala hosted by the world's top fashion media, VOGUE, the Ball of Arabia is the most important runway for fashion celebrities and nobility in the Middle East, holding the region's fashion discourse. HONGQI, serving as the official automotive partner of the evening, provided exclusive reception services to the VIPs with its flagship models, the E-HS9 and H9. Through events like the Ball of Arabia, HONGQI's fashionably luxurious tone highlights its appeal to the young consumer demographic in the Middle East, making the HS3 an irresistible choice of fashionable vehicle upon its market launch.

hongqi hs3

Currently, the HONGQI HS3 has officially started its pre-sale. This sincere creation, which embodies HONGQI's latest car-making philosophy and technology, is expected to provide Middle Eastern users with a driving experience that exceeds expectations. We all anticipate that this SUV product will bring a new level of excitement to the entry-level luxury SUV market in the Middle East.

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